How do I protect my information?


Cómo protejo mi información

In the current context, where we constantly participate in activities on the web that require us to provide our personal, work or company information, it is essential to know how to protect our information.

What can this confidential data be?

On a personal level, it can be the credit card number, date of birth, email address or mobile number, and also issues related to behavior on the web, such as the type of sites visited and activity that is carried out in them. Artificial intelligence, increasingly advanced each day, allows us to know a lot about us and do much more with it than we think.

At the business level, it is necessary to consider that in recent years there has been an exponential growth not only in the amount, but also in the complexity and importance of the data that companies handle and that are stored on digital media. It can be information related to purchases and sales, analysis of different markets, potential ideas for innovation and development, and even information from third parties, such as collaborators or clients, among others.

So what can we do to protect our information?

In these lines we will tell you some simple tips to keep our information as protected as possible without the need for deep technical knowledge:

  • Analyze the type of information that is being provided before publishing content on social networks.
  • Pay attention to the privacy settings of the most used sites and set preferences according to the degree to which you want to share the information and with whom.
  • Select who is part of our network of friends, colleagues or acquaintances in the networks in which we participate.
  • Install simple security software, such as an antivirus program, which reduces the likelihood of data theft.
  • Use the “incognito” browsing mode, which prevents data from searches carried out from being saved and also avoids advertising algorithms.
  • Evaluate if it is really necessary to share the location in the applications that request it.
  • Use passwords that are as secure as possible, that are complex and that are different for the different services used, especially those that store more important information, such as financial services.
  • Remember to close the sessions started, especially if you are not using your own computer.
  • At the business level, use secure collaboration tools between employees and with clients.

We hope these tips have been useful! At Dimensiona we can help you keep your company information safe, working with great professionalism and confidentiality. We are waiting for you to strengthen the security of your information!

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How do I protect my information?