How to coexist with technology: the key is education


Cómo convivir con la tecnología: la clave es la educación

In a world where technology is increasingly present in our lives, it is essential to educate ourselves as citizens in its responsible use. In Spain and the world there are more technological devices than people. In this sense, it is essential to reflect on the use given to these devices, social media, internet and the different technologies that involve them, from families, schools, companies, and all areas of society.

In this current multiscreen context, where we face the use of multiple screens in an indiscriminate and sometimes uncontrolled manner, we must focus on developing skills that allow us to make a sensible use of television, telephone, cell phones, video games, and the Internet in a broad sense. Above all, we must encourage a responsible and safe use of social networks, maintaining privacy and a correct digital identity.

What advantages does technology bring us?

It is also important to be able to identify the multiple possibilities offered by new technologies, which are often intuitive, facilitating the generation of quality content, and allowing us to become creators and designers of our own materials. For this, it is necessary to begin to transform the concept about the mobile device and not only see it as an instrument of leisure, but also as a great working tool, which can help develop creativity.

What can we do about it?

In an increasingly digitalized world, where there are more and more digital natives, we still tend to be unaware of many of the privacy terms and legal conditions of each network in which we create an account, which implies handing over our personal data practically indiscriminately. In this sense, we must educate ourselves in the safe use and privacy on the Internet, orienting ourselves to make a positive use of connectivity and social networks. It is very difficult to turn our backs on technology, since cell phones and other electronic devices are here to stay and their use is increasingly widespread, so the most effective thing to do is to educate ourselves on the proper use of social networks and technology in general. And by education we should not only mean formal training, but also the active reflection and search for information that will allow us to better understand the possibilities of using technologies as responsible citizens.

Recently, we have even begun to talk about “usability” (use + training), a term that refers to the need to combine the fact of using with training. Both are essential to understand the coexistence of citizens with technology. Educating ourselves to live effectively with new technologies will allow us to achieve critical and reflective autonomy as users, helping to reduce the infoxication to which we are exposed due to the large number of hours we spend on screens and technology throughout the day.

From Dimensiona we hope that this note invites reflection on the use we make of technologies and how we can educate ourselves to make responsible and safe use of them.

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How to coexist with technology: the key is education