Incident management in cities


Gestión de incidencias

Nowadays it is increasingly common for the public sphere to incorporate technology into its routine with the aim of improving city management. Smart cities, as those cities that achieve digital transformation are often called, not only use technology to publicize their activities or departments, but also use it to connect citizens and companies with the city and each other, eliminating information gaps and reducing negative impacts through the intelligent distribution of resources.

In this sense, cities face a series of incidents on a daily basis, that is, problems that need a solution, and that usually requires dedicating a large amount of time to solve them, losing money in this process and diverting resources from those activities that are more important.

One of the key aspects of smart cities is to enable platforms that facilitate communication with the citizens, both to report minor incidents and to notify emergency situations, such as traffic accidents, fires, etc.

What solution does Dimensiona provide for monitoring incidents in cities and / or organizations?

At Dimensiona we have created a specific solution that allows us to facilitate the registration of incidents and maintain active communication with the citizen, who can have direct access to the City Council and its managers. This incident registration app allows you to easily and efficiently manage any type of incident (claims, complaints, problems or suggestions), in an integrated way in a single application. It allows you to turn problems into opportunities for improvement, saving time and money, and providing useful statistical data for action and prevention. This way, the citizen is allowed to register a photo instantly, identifying the incident and alerting the specialist of the corresponding degree of severity. Citizens when detecting a problem in their city (for example, a sidewalk in poor condition) will register it in the application, which through a geolocation system and an alert will inform the responsible area of the City Council. From that moment on, the solution is managed internally and once it is finished it is notified in the application.

This application reduces response time considerably, facilitates communication, which flows instantly between the different actors 24 hours a day, and at the same time allows easy monitoring. Likewise, the app allows the generation of statistics on reported incidents that contribute to improving city management.

Technology has become one of the needs for cities and at Dimensiona we can contribute to achieving their digital transformation through our application and the advice of our professionals.

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Incident management in cities