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The strategic importance of thechnological innovation

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Soluciones móviles


Innovative SME stamp


In Dimensiona we have a multidisciplinary team highly committed to innovation and the contribution of value in the projects in which we participate.

The philosophy of innovation is present in our way of understanding the work and in each goal we set ourselves, which leads us to achieve results that generate significant contributions to the companies we work with.

Our experience in this field is backed by the Innovative SME stamp awarded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. This recognition objectively certifies that we meet a number of requirements that define our innovative character.


What does innovation allow?

1. Adaptability

Respond to changes with agility and flexibility by relying on technology.

2. Effectiveness

High capacity to achieve the goals of the organization.

3. Productivity

More efficient work teams.

4. Quality

Optimal characteristics in processes and results.

5. Competitiveness

Consequence of all the above.

We are also part of the  EUREKA program. “EUREKA is an intergovernmental initiative to support the I+D+i cooperative at European level, which aims to boost competitiveness of European companies by promoting the implementation of technological projects, aimed at ehe development of products, processes and/or services with clear commercial interest in the international market and based on innovative technologies”.


PlainAgro is an application that uses drone technology, using its cameras and sensors to get relevant information in real time for stakeholders.

It is focused on the agricultural sector and includes, among others, the following functions:


Visualization of data and adaptation of information to the customer


Visualization of geolocated  maps

análisis específicos

Provision of specific analyzes


Prediction through specific analyzes on data affecting the crop


Multi-device support


Custom reports

This platform allows the reduction of costs in the primary sector, the simplification of complex processes in which various actors participate and the optimiation of the communication of all the agents involved.

RFID Retail Commerce

RFID Retail Commerce is a solution with RFID for control optimization of physical products, which allows its tracking and encryption of all its processes through Blockchain technology.

This solution provides, among others, the following benefits:

reducción tiempos

Reduce inventory times with 99.9% accuracy


Uniquely identify each article


Perform the count of the goods 92% faster


Improve the sales experience and customer loyalty


Automate processes throughout the retail life cycle


Save on costs as time is reduced in various processes