Catapp - mobile app



Wine tourism and tasting organizers: accommodations, restaurants, wineries, service companies, public institutions, associations… etc.


Mobile application (offline)



Mobile application for the organization of tasting events of food products such as wines, beers, cheeses, liquors, oils or others.


This application allows us to have a playful experience through which a tasting organizer, who can be an oenologist in a winery, in an enotourism visit or in a wine cellar for example, uploads the data of the product to be tasted or tasted and the data of the tasters. Each taster accesses through a QR organizer from the cell phone and can rate the samples according to a card that is already loaded.

  • Personalized experience: professional, user.
  • Access to tasting history.
  • Security.
  • Agile and user-friendly.

How does it work?

Step 1
The organizer creates the different tastings by preparing the samples to be used and registering the tasters.

Step 2
Each taster will be assigned a tasting, obtained by scanning a QR code and will score each sample.

Step 3
Finally, the manager will have to scan the QR codes generated for each taster and, in this way, will have access to the results obtained in each tasting performed in a simple and quick way.