/ Technological mobility solutions

Mobile phones have a penetration rate of more than 80% in the population

soluciones móviles
soluciones móviles

/ Technological mobility solutions

Dimensiona helps companies and organizations in the development of mobile solutions adapted to the needs of each project.


Mobile apps

Mobile phones have a penetration rate of more than 80% in the population and their role in the performance of multiple tasks is more than evident. The professional and business sphere does not escape this trend.

Why does my company need a mobile application?

In the day-to-day life of a company, different processes and activities are carried out: accounting, sales, marketing, human resources … Digital transformation is arriving or has already reached many of these areas. In many cases this arrival translates into the implementation of mobile solutions. Work dynamics have changed. There is greater mobility, telework is increasingly important. Companies and organizations need to streamline their processes and be able to carry out any task from anywhere.

Mobile solutions developments carried out by our team cover different functions:

Desarrollo de apps

Sale of products and services, automation, monitoring….


Projects management
Assignment of tasks, teams, deadlines…

análisis específicos
Human resources
Time control, vacations, payroll…
Time management, task organization…
Invoices, cash flows, payments to suppliers…
Internal communication
Notice board, news, suggestion box…

Development of custom mobile applications

We are specialists in the development of custom Apps.

We work together with the client, identifying their needs and providing the mobile solution that allows them to achieve their objectives.


Agile methodology

Whenever the project allows it and we have the client’s commitment, we manage the project based on the agile philosophy. This provides quick responses, flexibility, lower risk, and higher value.


User experience, quality and security

We have a clear UX-UI focus. We are looking for pleasant, attractive and very intuitive graphical interfaces. The tool, in addition to being useful, must be easy to use.

We are aware of the importance of software testing, which is why throughout the development process we carry out tests to ensure both quality and safety. In this way, the project is closed with all the guarantees before it is delivered to the client or uploaded to the marketplace.


Android and iOS

We have an expert team in the development of native applications on Android and iOS.

We also have experts in development with Xamarin, which allows you to create cross-platform applications.