Add value through the implementation of technological solutions

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Dimensiona works as an ITC consultant and strategic partner. We have a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in technology outsourcing services.

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The main objective is to add value through the implementation of technological solutions that allow companies to focus on their critical processes.


What is technological outsourcing?

ICT outsourcing is the outsourcing of technology-related services by a company to a specialized provider. The goal is to optimize costs in production processes, generate innovation, focus the company’s resources on its critical procedures and, ultimately, be more competitive in an increasingly complex context.

Advantages of technological outsourcing from our experience as ICT consultants

Why does my company need technology outsourcing?

1. Flexibility

Outsourcing offers the ability to adapt to new scenarios in a changing business ecosystem by solving needs with optimization of expenses, time and processes.

2. Efficiency and quality of processes

The development of the company’s production processes is optimized and streamlined by focusing on its critical tasks, leaving the ICT efforts on the supplier.

3. Higher productivity

Outsourcing allows spending optimization since the investment is made based on project requirements and it is not necessary to have a full-time internal team.

4. Quality

Each human and material resource of the company is dedicated to its main function.

5. Competitiveness

Talent and resources are oriented to the business by having technological solutions that solve non-critical tasks. This contribution of value results in competitive capacity and increased sales.