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Dimensiona has contributed to different digital transformation processes by creating customized technological solutions for clients from various sectors (primary sector, public company…)


What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is an evolutionary process by which companies make sustained changes in processes digitalization and in technological tools dynamic integration in all their areas at strategic, procedural and product / service levels.

transformación tecnológica

The concept of digital transformation involves constant analysis to improve decision-making at the executive level, workflows, team dynamics, human team skills or development of new business lines.

The technological tool is an important element in the equation of digital transformation, but what is important is the cultural change that the company develops supported by this tool for an improvement in competitiveness and a more successful value proposition.

Why is business digital transformation necessary?

Digital transformation is a reality and that is why companies are increasing the amounts allocated for this purpose.

Digital Transformation processes open a range of possibilities among which are:

transformación tecnológica
  • Generation of competitive advantages for the organization.
  • New lines of business and income channels opening.
  • Improvement of Internal processes efficiency-
  • Catalyzing the culture of innovation and adaptation – and even anticipating – changes.
  • Organizations guided by data (data driven).

How is the digital transformation of business achieved?

1. Strategy design

Before the processes, tools, actions are the objectives and the digitalization strategy that is proposed to achieve them. Digital transformation must be aligned with the overall business strategy to contribute to it.

2. People at the center

Every successful digital transformation process is defined by placing the human team in a priority place. The assumption of the new digital culture of the company by the people who are part of it is essential for it to work.

3. Progress by projects

Establish milestones or intermediate goals that materialize in concrete changes or innovations.

4.  Analysis and constant improvement

Ask questions about the results achieved and seek optimization in succesive analysis-improvement cycles.

Digital transformation projects

Examples of digital transformation we have helped to develop and you can see in our portfolio.