Software Factory: transforming companies with technological innovation


Software Factory: transformando empresas con innovación tecnológica

Although we often hear the term “software factory”, we may not be clear about what it does and what it can bring to your company, whatever your type of activity. Therefore, in today’s blog we want to summarize what is meant by software factory and the benefits it can bring.

A software factory, in simple words, is like an assembly line of ideas and technology, designed to create programs and applications that help the operation of a company. It would be like a factory where instead of producing physical products, software is created. To do this, a team of programming experts work together, taking the client’s ideas and needs and transforming them into functional software.

In short, this is a company that specializes in developing customized software for other companies, offering a wide variety of services. So what does it do? Some examples are the following: mobile and web application development, ecommerce sites, enterprise software development, custom add-ons to systems such as ERP or CRM, systems and technology integration, software development for the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, software testing and quality assurance, maintenance and support.

Now, you may be wondering… how can a software factory benefit a company? Here are some of the benefits it can bring:

Efficiency in development

A software factory makes it possible to create high-quality applications faster and at a lower cost. This means that client companies can adapt more quickly to changing market demands.

Continuous innovation

These factories are constantly evolving, keeping up with the latest technological trends, which translates into the ability to offer innovative and competitive solutions.

Error reduction

With standardized development processes and highly trained professionals, errors and technical problems are reduced, saving time and consequently money.


Software factories can easily scale to handle both small and large projects, giving flexibility to growing companies. A software factory is able to develop scalable solutions that keep up with the growth of each client company, allowing the software to adapt to the needs of the business as it evolves.

Increased productivity

When software development is delegated to experts, companies can stay focused on their core operations and increase their productivity. The experience and high capacity of software factories makes it much more competitive to turn to them than to hire an in-house or unspecialized team.

High quality of the final product

Naturally, being able to perform this type of development requires a team of professionals capable of understanding the processes of the client company, a solid infrastructure, the appropriate knowledge about different agile development methodologies, and updated technical knowledge. Software factories are characterized precisely by having a team of highly trained and experienced professionals in software development, ensuring that the final product delivered to the client company is of high quality.

Maintenance and support

When the development is done by a software factory, maintenance and support can be developed from within the same software factory in a very efficient and agile way.

In summary, Dimensiona as a software factory is a team of technological experts that can transform a company’s ideas into a digital reality, with the capacity to offer high quality, efficient and scalable solutions. If your company has not yet explored this option, it may be time to consider it!

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Software Factory: transforming companies with technological innovation