Technologies applied to productivity


Tecnologías aplicadas a la productividad

In a highly dynamic business environment, being increasingly productive has become a necessity. Companies and organizations in general, both large corporations and small enterprises, must consider new management models and business strategies based on technology. This is because the impact of technology applied in companies is closely linked to competitiveness and productivity.

The benefits of implementing technology in companies are numerous, including the optimization of different processes, improvements in internal and external communication, cost and time reduction, contribution to better decision making by providing useful and timely information, greater competitiveness by facilitating better market positioning, and, logically, greater productivity by simplifying and automating processes, reducing the possibility of errors and increasing efficiency.

It is precisely on this last point where we are going to go deeper, to better understand how technologies can be applied to the productivity of organizations. 

What do we mean when we talk about productivity improvements?

We are referring to the fact that thanks to the introduction of technology, added value can be generated, translated into savings not only in money, but also in time and human resources. This increase in productivity means that companies can make better use of the organization’s assets by being more efficient in their processes and in the management of resources. 

What technologies are currently used?

There are several technologies that currently contribute to the increase of organizational productivity, among them are:

  • Automation of processes, which allows improving productivity especially in relation to simple and repetitive tasks that can be easily delegated to a machine and thus allow focusing attention on issues of greater relevance and complexity. 
  • Artificial intelligence, which makes it possible to simulate human intelligence processes through machines and computer systems. Its applications are numerous, including, for example, the prediction of online behavior, and implying greater efficiency in customer service, in commercial or marketing initiatives, and even in attracting talent.  
  • Big data, contributing to better management and processing of large volumes of data, which would not be used by traditional methods.
  • Internet of things, for example, provides the possibility of having processes monitored with real-time data, which allows for predictive maintenance of machinery.
  • Resource and task management applications, which allow to digitally keep an agenda with reminders of important dates and activities.
  • Cloud computing, which has revolutionized the way we store information and the way we work from anywhere with internet access. 

These technologies and others can be used to replace entire processes or reformulate existing processes, rethinking in a disruptive way the management of organizations in their operations and services.

At Dimensiona, we develop various solutions that contribute to increasing the productivity of organizations, which implies a reduction in costs, increased profits, greater efficiency and optimization in the use of resources, among other advantages. Among these solutions we can mention some examples, such as Actia, a tool that allows you to manage all types of bids quickly and easily from a mobile app, replacing manual and face-to-face bidding with digital bidding directly from the mobile, or Incident management, a solution that allows you to easily and quickly manage any type of incident, claims, complaints, problems, in an integrated manner in a single application, turning problems into opportunities for improvement.

We are here to provide technological solutions that increase the productivity of your organization!

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Technologies applied to productivity