What does custom development mean?


Desarrollo a medida

Surely at some point, in the websites of  companies dedicated to software development you have found expressions such as “custom solutions” or “custom developments”. In this article we want to shed a little bit of light on this slightly obscure idea about what custom development is for your company.

Basically, custom development, as opposed to standardized software, is totally personalized and tailored to the needs of the client in question. In certain circumstances, companies face a series of peculiarities that mean that a standard development does not fully adjust to their own needs. In these situations when it is not possible to use a standard tool to systematize the company’s operations or solve a specific problem, it is highly recommended to resort to custom software development. Custom development is also recommended when the company has already tested multiple options, but none fully satisfies the requirements, and when different programs are used that are not connected to each other.

In order to carry out a true custom development, the client company requests a series of requirements indicating all the functionalities it needs. In this way, it is possible to achieve a detailed description and understanding of what the user needs to solve the problem they present, through simple and practical solutions seeking to satisfy the requirements set forth. In short, custom development allows companies and organizations to have solutions that provide agility to their business processes, which results in greater productivity and profitability.


How do we do it?

In the development of customized solutions, we work side by side with the client company, studying how improvements can be made to the company through innovative technologies and optimizing the use of business resources. Some examples of digital transformation consist of developments linked to the production process, task planning, sales team management, logistics applications, human resource management systems, the creation of digital experiences for customers, optimization of management, the generation of knowledge within the company from data collection, and many other possibilities. In Dimensiona, among others, we have created solutions such as Actia or Incident Management.

Among the benefits of custom developments, the following stand out: they do not require payment of licenses, they are solutions created specifically for the business in question according to the stated needs, they evolve according to the needs of the company implementing improvements whenever necessary, they are simple and intuitive precisely because they have been specifically designed based on the processes or the products/services themselves, they provide greater flexibility and scalability, they facilitate integration with the IT infrastructure of the company, they have a greater probability of success given that the company itself and its staff are involved in software testing, it is not the company that must adapt to the operation of the system but precisely the other way around, they imply a lower cost if the long-term cost/benefit ratio is considered, they provide greater security and better, efficient and reliable technical support. Within the technical support functions, there is permanent computer support for custom-developed solutions, considering the wide variety of applications that can be used with the Internet in the company.

It is important to consider that, although the range of applications for companies is increasingly wide, sometimes it is advisable to resort to a development that adjusts to the particular needs of the company. We know that custom software development implies very positive impacts on the client company, as it is designed and built as a suit with exact specifications tailored to whoever requires it.

At Dimensiona we have a team of experts in digital transformation, with whom you can contact and get advice on the possibilities of developments tailored to your business needs.

We constantly seek to provide solutions that are adaptable to the evolution of the business of each of the companies that trust us to carry out their digital transformation process. Based on knowing the needs and expectations of the client, at Dimensiona we design and develop customized systems and reliable applications in line with the objectives of our clients, guaranteeing their quality and permanent support.


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What does custom development mean?