What is the role of a computer technical support?


¿Cuál es la función de un soporte técnico informático? ​

Today it is clear that the world is undergoing a major digital transformation, not only in companies, but also in homes and ultimately throughout society. And along with this increase in the digital presence in people’s lives also increases the presence of incidents with electronic devices connected to the network, in recent years have increased viruses and computer attacks on them.

In this context, the work carried out by computer technicians has increased considerably, from data loss to security problems.

What is computer technical support?

The computer technical support is a service that is responsible for giving the customer support by different means to find a solution to the problem of the same, whether physical (hardware) or logical (software) of any type of electronic device. The staff must be specialized in order to provide a quality service to customers, on the one hand provide technical support to customers, but also help to solve specific problems in different devices.

A computer technician not only works when something serious like a cyberattack occurs, but also has a series of daily jobs that must be performed so that all computer devices in the company work perfectly. Among them we can highlight checking vulnerable points in the security of systems, installation of operating systems, verification of the operation of software and hardware, database backups, system updates, configuration and installation of internal and external networks.

IT technical support functions

To begin with, an Internet of Things network is a network in which a central node is linked to several connected devices, its objective is to connect reality and physical objects with the cloud and of course with the internet.

The main function of the assembly of an IoT network in the home is to turn it into a smart home, this means that objects such as light bulbs in the house, the thermostat and even the coffee maker, in order to automate their functions and everything is ready when we want. But there are much simpler networks than those, the fact of having connected to the internet router smartphones, TV and computers in the home is already considered a home IoT network, since being connected to the same wifi network allows devices to collect data and interconnect with each other.

Industrial Internet of Things network

The functions are not the same in all companies, but in general the most extensive ones coincide in all of them.

Equipment installation

Whenever a new person joins an organization, the computer technician is in charge of installing and setting up the computer equipment he will use. Installing all the necessary programs so that the worker has everything ready to do his job, this also includes keeping all the equipment of all workers updated so that they can continue to perform their work in an optimal way.

System and equipment upgrades and maintenance

In addition to the upgrades of all the applications necessary for the workers to perform their work they must also keep the necessary equipment software up to date, this will save time for both the employees and the company.

Incident management

Due to the daily work with electronic devices, incidents or problems occur that the specialized technician must solve, either connection or any element of the equipment (hardware or software), so that other workers in the company can perform their work with absolute normality and with the computer equipment in the best possible conditions.

Training of workers

Sometimes it is necessary for the computer technician to conduct courses for the company’s employees, from the use of specific programs to how to prevent computer attacks.

In addition to these important functions, they also perform daily tasks that improve the quality of work of the different employees of the company. These daily tasks can be finding solutions to any failures and implementing them, preparing reports on the status of the company’s equipment and systems, learning about new applications or operating systems, performing security reviews on all systems, installing and configuring the technology to be used in the company…

Types of IT technical support

There are 4 different types of IT technical support, all of them depending on the modality in which they are performed.

Telephone technical support

It is an option that provides speed and above all a good and clear communication between the customer and the technician, also by listening directly to the voice of the person you can define what type of customer is in order to provide optimal assistance.

Technical support by chat

It is the most used support alternative, both by customers and by companies, along with the telephone is the most efficient and clear. The customer does not waste his time having to contact the technician by phone, he can do it whenever he wants. Another advantage of this type of support is that the customer can review the conversation with the technician whenever he wants in case the same problem happens again.

Remote technical support

This type of support is not offered by all companies or computer technicians, it consists in the fact that the technician can enter from his own computer to the customer’s electronic device thanks to a computer program, without the need for the customer to do anything else apart from installing an app or program. The customer agrees to give the technician full access to his device so that he can solve the problem on his own, quickly and easily.

On-site technical support

In this case the service is provided at the site where the equipment is located, either to repair a software or hardware problem, in this case a technician will go to where the computer equipment is located to perform the necessary repair. This type of support is performed when the problem can only be solved when the problem cannot be solved remotely.

Importance of computer technical support

As previously mentioned, one of the most important parts of having a quality computer technical support is based on the fact that the proper functioning of the different electronic devices of the company depends on it.

But in addition to this important point there is more, having a computer technician helps to keep a thorough and updated inventory of the infrastructure of computer equipment available to the company, actively participate in the management of changes in the organization, in addition to taking care of planning and ensuring the implementation of policies in the Internet service, ensuring a rigorous control of the network and equipment.

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What is the role of a computer technical support?