Oficina Virtual do Medio Rural

Medio Rural's virtual office


AMTEGA – Consellería do Medio Rural


Web portal


Drupal 8, Bootstrap, MySQL

Multi-language and multi-device web portal developed for the Regional Ministry of the Rural Environment that brings together in a single website all the services, procedures and online public consultations in the rural area.

/ virtual office MR

Designed under the premises of simplicity, clarity, ease in locating information, multi-device visualization and alignment with the graphic and security guidelines established by the Xunta de Galicia in the development of corporate web portals. Among its features we highlight:

  • General free text search engine
  • Navigation through thematic tags
  • Specific search engines for plot concentrations, training, forest observatory, register of ordered forests …
  • List of services and procedures with information on associated procedures and applicable legislation
  • Access to periodicals
  • Subscription to notices
  • Updated information on training and technology transfer in rural areas
Oficina Virtual do Medio Rural Móvil
Medio rural’s virtual office